Woman commits suicide after killing her two children


New Delhi/June 5
A 35-year-old woman allegedly committed suicide after she killed her two children aged 11 months and 6 year old in Mandawali area of east Delhi on Tuesday.
“Savita allegedly drowned her 11-month old son Rudrakh in bucket while she drowned her six-year-old daughter, Paridhara in a washing machine after which she hanged herself through ceiling fan at the first floor of her Mandawali residence in the afternoon yesterday,” said the police.
Police officials said that her mother-in-law was on the ground floor when the incident took place while her husband had gone outside.
“The incident came to light when her husband Devendra Yadav called Sarita but she didn’t answered the phone after which he returned home. When he knocked at her room, she didn’t open the door after which he broke open the door and found his wife along with two children dead,” said the police, adding that they haven’t recovered any suicide note from her possession.
Police officials said that initial investigation points out towards marital discord between the husband and wife as the reason behind the incident and they are probing the case from all possible angles.
Meanwhile, the neighbours of the couple reportedly said that the couple used to quarrel over some issue and they even had a fight on Monday night after which the incident took place.

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