Vice President’s office clarifies why Hamid Ansari didn’t salute during national anthem on R-Day

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Indian Vice President’s office on Tuesday issued clarification on the Republic Day parade controversy on social media for not saluting while National Anthem was being played and stated that Hamid Ansari need not to salute as per laid protocol.

As per reports, the Vice President’s OSD Surdeep Singh Sappal issued a statement on Twitter, saying Hamid Ansari was required to stand in attention and not salute as he was not the principal dignitary.

Sappal tweeted, ‘1/1Protocol: When National Anthem is played, Principal Dignitary & persons in uniform take salute. Those in civil dress stand in attention’.

Sappal later tweeted, ‘2/2At R’Day Parade, President of India, as Supreme Commander, takes salute. As per protocol, Vice President is required 2 stand in attention’. ‘3/3When the Vice President is the Principal Dignitory, he salutes during National Anthem, wearing a head gear. As done at NCC camp this week’.

‘Sec VI- Flag Code of India: All persons present shud face Flag & stand at attention. Those present in uniform shud render appropriate salute’, he tweeted later.

Sappal also posted a video with the Vice President Hamid Ansari saluting during the national anthem at an NCC event and tweeted, For my friends who believed an ill-informed diatribe. Vice President of India during National Anthem & National song.’

It is pertinent to mention here that a controversy sparked on social media after a user posted a picture of Republic Day parade in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indian President Pranab Mukherjee and Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar saluting during national anthem while the Vice President Hamid Ansari was seen standing in attention.