UK retracts on Rs 2.7 lakh visa bonds, say decision not final yet


New Delhi/June 26
UK government on Wednesday retracted from its earlier decision of seeking visa bonds of Rs 2.7 lakh for Indian nationals and other high risk countries and said that decision on the pilot scheme for seeking bonds is not final yet.
As per reports, UK government had announced the pilot scheme and has decided to seek visa bonds from the citizens from at least six high risk countries which included India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Ghana. The citizens were required to deposit Rs 2.7 lakh visa bond for visiting England and the cash bond will be reportedly forfeited if they prolong their stay in the country.
British High Commission’s director of press and communications Marcus Winsley said that UK government had decided to run a pilot scheme for such bonds and it aims to target small number of visa applicants that are assessed to pose a high risk of overstaying but no decisions have been taken on the detail of how such a pilot scheme would work in practice.
Winsley said that the scheme will be designed in such a way that it does not cut across the UK’s wish to be open for business, students and tourists.

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