Sukhbir Badal blames Indian govt for failing to prevent smuggling og drugs, arms from across the border

Punjab News

Chandigarh/June 6
Punjab’s Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Singh Badal on Thursday lashed out on Indian government for its failure to seal the border against drugs and arms dealers and stop passing the buck.
Subkhir Badal said that Indian government should instead appreciate the efforts of Punjab government in successfully battling the fall out of the weakness of the central forces by effectively checking the threats to our peace and stability from across the border.
“It is the duty of the central forces to ensure that no danger spills over from across the border into our soil and to anticipate and checkmate those trying to pose a threat to our peace from foreign soil,” Sukhbir Badal said, adding that massive recoveries of drugs and arms and successful busting of terror modules by the Punjab police clearly shows that more needs to be done by the central forces for ensuring that our borders are impregnable.
Badal said that SAD BJP government is committed to maintain law and order situation in the state and there was complete peace and communal harmony in the state.
“We have maintained utmost vigilance in this regard and as a result, there has been no incident of militancy related violence in the past three years in the state,” Sukhbir said while adding that by breaking the nexus between terrorism, money laundering and drug smuggling, the state government has been able to break the sinister designs to disturb peace in the state.
Sukhbir added that this is reflected in the figures of arrests and the seizure of vast cache of weapons, explosives and drugs by the police and peace and communal harmony were the top priority of the SAD-BJP government.
Badal said that it is a worrying factor that huge quantities of smuggled stuff like hard drugs and Fake Indian National Currency were recovered by police officials that were smuggled from across the border and it needs plugging. He also urged the center to invest on modernising our police forces and other security personnel through up gradation skills and technology.
“These days, wars and terror are all about technology. Now, even America shares its borders with Afghanistan in a virtual though not in a geographical sense. For Punjab too, its “virtual” though not ‘geographical’ boundaries have been pushed deep inwards in our North and South, with states like J and K and Rajsthan themselves being on the international radar for violent infiltration as well as nodal points on the narco-terrorist route, which reveals a real threat of terror based physical threat to our nation,” he added.

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