Shimla MC to hold consultative meeting with citizens to make budget more inclusive

North Gazette News/ Shimla

The Shimla Municipal Corporation (Shimla MC) is in the midst of planning its budget for the year 2015-16. The SMC in its effort to make the budget more inclusive will hold consultative meetings with the citizens of the town. Different stakeholders like students, elderly, women, traders et al. will be invited for consultative meetings. The SMC also calls upon the people to make and send their suggestions to the Municipal Corporation Shimla so that they can incorporated.

Deputy Mayor Shimla MC, Tikender Panwar said that the SMC will also meet the government especially the Finance Secretary to augment the volume and base of income of the SMC so that developmental activities can be unleashed in the town.

The SMC will ask for a legitimate share in the luxury tax in the town, he added. He informed that the SMC will also raise the issue of 2% registration fees share be given to the Corporation on land deals.

The SMC will further ask for a one time Capital Grant so that the services can be provided effectively, he added.

The Municipal Corporation will present its case for the devolution of powers under the 74th Constitutional Amendment so that Forests along with its assets can be transferred to SMC.