Punjab govt to launch campaign to increase forest cover upto 15 percent

Punjab News

Chandigarh/June 6
Punjab government on Thursday introduced a ‘Joint Action Plan’ under which it will plant saplings across state to enhance green cover upto 15 percent.
The action plan has been prepared by Forest and Rural Development and Panchayats Departments and it will be jointly implemented by these two departments.
Punjab’s Forest Minister, Surjit Singh Jiyani and Rural Development and Panchayat Minister Surjit Singh Rakhra today took the decision to implement Punjab Haryali Campaign, an initiative of Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh across the state.
“All the field staff of both departments has been informed in this regard and to make this initiative a success and the field staff would work with mutual understanding and cooperation to execute the plan in true spirit by planting saplings of various kinds,” Jayani said, adding that Rural Development and Panchayats Department will implement the project of sapling plants through MGNREGS while the Forest Department will extend all the requisite technical support.
He said that the field staff will ensure the plantation of saplings of Banyan, Neem, Mangoes and Pipal trees. “Forest Department has conducted the survey in this regard in more than 9000 villages and chalked out a plan to plant more than 90 lakh saplings in these villages. Further, 247 nurseries of the department has prepared three more plant saplings, around 490 lakh, as compare to the previous season.
Meanwhile, Rakhra said that under this action plan, at least four families of each village would get the employment under MGNREGS and they will ensure the proper nurturing of the planted saplings.
“Additional Deputy Commissioners (Development) and Divisional Forest Officers would ensure the plantation of more than 90 lakh saplings within a stipulated time frame.” Rakhra added.

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