Pregnant woman dies, comes back to life after giving birth to baby


New Delhi/June 4
A pregnant school teacher in Texas died while working in a school but she was brought back to life after she gave birth to a baby.
An English teacher at Elkins High School in Missouri in US’s Texas state, Erica Nigrelli fainted in her colleague’s classroom when she was 36 weeks pregnant on May 23.
Her husband Nathan Elkins who also teaches in the same school, along with other school teachers started CPR and defibrillator to get it working her heart that has stopped beating.
As per reports, Erica’s colleagues kept her alive until emergency medical services arrived and she was taken to a nearby hospital immediately.
Doctors at the hospital said that Erica had an undetected heart defect due to which her heart wasn’t beating and they installed a pacemaker that brought her back to life.
She delivered the baby Elayna through emergency caesarean section and the doctors successfully brought the woman back to life.
As news of the miraculous incident spread in Missouri, the City Council honoured her co-workers, June Tomlin, Maxine Reeves and Jennifer Longoria at a meeting.

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