Modi extends countrywide lockdown upto May 3

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Prime minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced to extend the countrywide lock  down upto May 3. In his speech, Prime Minister Modi said that it was the necessity of time to check corona spread in the country. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech however announced some relaxations to given  in some states after April 20, which will be subject to different conditions. However some states in the country have already announced to extend the lock down period, but the people of country were eagerly waiting for the speech of Prime Minister’s speech on this issue.

The Prime Minister said that the country had done well in fighting with pandemic of corona as compare to the other countries of the world, but it was the necessity of time to extend the lock down despite the problem being faced by his countrymen. “Our country did not wait for the Corona pandemic to getting worse from the starting , but we acted swiftly when number of cases were 100. We had made mandatory for the people coming from the other countries to go for the isolation. If we had not taken the decision at right time, the number of patients could had been 20 to 25 times higher.  We had imposed lock down when the number of cases were only 550. At this point of time, we are in much better position as compare to the developed nations, where the number of cases are many times more.   ,” he added. Modi also hinted that some relaxations will be allowed in those areas after April 20, where there in no hot spot.

The consecutive nationwide lock down for another 19 days is the second attempt of Modi government to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. Earlier Modi government had imposed 21 days nationwide lock down to fight with Corona pandemic, which came into force on March 25. The lock down was scheduled to end on April 14.

The number of Corona cases in India has crossed 10000 mark and death toll has climbed to 339.

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