Facebook partially services back online after 40 minutes outage

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Facebook services are partially back online after suffering a major outage in US, Australia, India and other Asian countries on Tuesday morning.

As per reports, the one of the world’s largest social networking site Facebook suffered major outage that made the website inaccessible to users in US, Australia, India and other Asian countries.

Facebook’s photo sharing social networking website, Instagram was reportedly also inaccessible of millions of users in these countries.

Facebook authorities had also acknowledged the outage in the services of its two social networking sites and reportedly said that the technical team was working to get things back and restore the websites to normalcy. However, Facebook authorities termed the incident as technical glitch and denied any hacking attack behind outage.

While Engadget reported on its Twitter handle that not only Facebook and Instagram but online services likes Tinder, AIM and Hipchat had also gone offline.

Though there are reports of Facebook services becoming accessible to users but still many users are still unable to access the site only partially.

Instagram too admitted to the technical glitch and said the authorities said that the technical teams were working to fix the issue.

The outage though becomes a topic of hilarious tweets in Twitter with users terming the outage as ‘international tragedy’ with hashtag #SocialMeltdown2015 trending of the social networking site.