Defiant #Charlie Hebdo to print Prophet Mohammad's cartoons again

North Gazette News/Paris
Not willing to bow down after the massacre of its journalists, a defiant Charlie Hebdo on Monday announced to print the controversial cartoons of Prophet Mohammad in its latest edition.

As per reports, Paris based #Charlie Hebdo magazine has announced to bring out its new edition of 10 lakh copies with Prophet Mohammad’s cartoons on Wednesday i.e. January 14, 2015, a week after the massacre of magazine’s journalists including Editor-in-chief Gérard Biard and caricaturist Stephane Charbonnier, known by the pen name of Charb.

The front page of #Charlie Hebdo magazine is likely to be released tonight while the full edition would be able on Wednesday across France.

Termed Le Journal Des Survivants Mercred! 14/1 (Edition by the Survivors of Massacre), the edition would be translated into 16 languages of the world and this would its first edition to be circulated outside France.

Charlie Hebdo’s lawyer told French media agency Le Figaro that Charlie Hebdo staff would not give in to such violent attacks and would again publish Prophet Mohammad’s cartoons.

A defiant #Charlie Hebdo magazine’s website page, reads as, ‘Because the pencil will always be above barbarism. Because freedom is a universal right. Because you support us. We, Charlie, will publish your paper next Wednesday’.

Two gunmen who were allegedly affiliated with al-Qaeda and identified as Cherif and Said Kouachi had stormed into the office of Paris satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo and opened indiscriminate firing on magazine’s staff. They were shot dead by French security personnel after two days later at a Printing Factory in Dammartin-en-Goele.

Another attacker, Amedi Caulibaly who pledged allegiance to ISIS in an online video, was killed in Jewish Supermarket after a hostage drama in which four hostages were killed. Caulibaly was also suspected of killing a policewoman.