Congress, TDP leader clash over taking Uttarakhand tragedy survivors to AP

Dehradun/June 26
Amid allegations of political parties against each other for politicizing Uttarakhand’s natural calamity, Congress and TDP leaders on Wednesday clashed with each other to claim evacuation of 200 tourists of Andhra Pradesh from flash flood affected areas.
As per reports, both Congress and Telgu Desham Party (TDP) had booked flights for taking the survivors of flash floods in Uttarakhand to Andhra Pradesh and they clashed with each other as to whose plane the survivors’ should board to return home.
“Congress MP Hanumant Rao and TDP MP Ramesh Rathore had arrived at the airport to facilitate the return of 200 tourists who were rescued by military personnel. But soon they entered into heated argument as to whose plane the tourists should board after which they starting fighting on the airport,” said eyewitnesses.
Some eyewitnesses even claimed that the leaders offered them Rs 5,000 to 10,000 to side with them so that they can stake their claim for their evacuation from flash affected areas of Uttarakhand.