Aspiring model allegedly raped by famous Punjabi singer Nachhatar Gill


Famous Punjabi singer Nachhattar Gill was on Tuesday arrested by police for allegedly raping a model on promises of giving her work music videos and films. Click here to read more
Chandigarh/June 14
Punjab police have booked famous Punjabi singer Nachhatar Gill and three other on charges of rape, cheating and criminal intimidation after an aspiring model from Ludhiana filed an complaint that she was raped by them on promising of casting her in music videos and films.
As per reports, the Aspiring model had alleged in her complaint that she had met the singer Nachhatar Gill in beauty contest in Jalandhar in 2006 where she was runner in the competition and Gill had promised her roles in music videos and films.
“Gill and his three other associates allegedly sexually abused her on promises of casting her in videos and films. Gill had even taken photos of the model in objectionable condition and had even blackmailed her but they never launched her in music videos and films,” the aspiring model had alleged in complaint that was filed with Ludhiana in February this year.
After investigations into the complaint made the model, Punjab police have registered a case against Gill and three others on charges of rape, cheating and criminal intimidation, four months after the complaint was filed.
However, no arrests have been made in this case so far.
Nachhatar Gill is a British record producer, musician, singer-songwriter and he is known for his folk songs, especially sad songs.

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