Agriculture Minister urges farmers to download Kisan Rath mobile app

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With an objective to facilitate farmers during Coronavirus pandemic, Agriculture Minister Dr. Ram Lal Markanda appealed the farmers of the state to download Kisan Rath for transportation of their produce. He said that  a Mobile Application “Kisan Rath” has been developed by the Centre Government. Markanda said that the Kisan Rath is “Kisan ka apna Vahan” .The Mobile Application would facilitate farmers and traders searching for transport vehicles for Primary and Secondary transportation for movement of Agriculture and Horticulture produce. Primary transportation would include movement from farms to mandis, FPO Collection Centre and Warehouses etc. Secondary Transportation would include movement from mandis to Intra-state and Inter-state mandis, Processing units, Railway station, Warehouses and Wholesalers etc. The app also offers transport services with refrigerated vans.

The state agriculture minister said that the application also offers support in Hindi language, so it can be easily accessed by farmers and traders and can be downloaded from Google Play Store. The mobile application would also help in giving boost to Inter-mandi and Inter-State trade of agriculture and horticulture produce in the state. Dr.  Markanda said that the mobile app will facilitate transportation by on boarding 5 lakh trucks and 20 thousand tractors through the online service. These networks will be easily accessible to farmers and traders from one place to another. He said that this application will also reduce wastage and contribute to better pricing of perishable commodities.

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