Nine more Covid-19 positive cases detected from Una in Himachal

Bordering district Una witnesses sharp increase in Corona positive cases (12) due to Jamati links

North Gazette News/ Shimla

As many as nine more Covid- 19 positive cases have been detected from Una district of Himachal Pradesh. The latest report says that  all Covid- 19 positive cases have links to Tablighi Jamat. After adding these figures the number of active Corona cases has reached to 20. Yesterday, four Corona positive cases were detected from remote Tissa region of  Chamba district. The number of new Corona positive cases is increasing everyday, which has increased the worries of state government. Sources say that some reports are yet to be received. The number of Corona cases alone in bordering district Una has reached to 12, while the number of total reported Corona cases in Himachal has reached to 27.

Four cases have already been shifted out of state, which were detected in Baddi area of Solan district. The hill state of Himachal Pradesh has witnessed a sharp increase in the Corona patients from the last few days as the most of the cases belong to Tablighi jamat. So far two Corona positive persons have lost their lives in Himachal Pradesh. One person died in Dharamshala, who had returned from USA recently, while in an another case a woman from Delhi, who was living in Baddi died at PGIMER Chandigarh while being treated.

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