US cop kill 12 year old after teenager flashes fake gun

North Gazette News/New York
A 12-year-old boy was shot dead by US cop after he flashed a fake gun at cop at playground in Ohio.

As per reports, Tamir Rice who was playing with a toy gun was shot at twice by Cleveland police cop on Saturday when he flashed the fake gun after he was asked to put his hands in air.

Rice died in hospital due to bullet wounds on Sunday, Cleveland police authorities said.

Rice was playing in Cudell Recreational Center Park with an air gun when someone called 911 and reported that a boy was flashing gun on everyone.

Meanwhile, police authorities have put two cops, involved in the incident, on administrative leave as per the procedure till the investigations in the matter are over.

The killing had once again highlighted the need for marking air rifles, BB guns and airsoft guns in bright colours to show that they were fake. California is already working on similar bill which would soon be implemented.

Earlier in August, a 22-year-old youth identified as John Crawford was shot dead by cops when he was an air rifle near Walmart Supermarket in Ohio.