Kerala to bring in legislation to curb black magic

North Gazette News/New Delhi
Kerala government is mulling to bring a legislation to curb superstitious practices as black magic and exorcism.

As per reports, Kerala government’s has asked Home Secretary to draft a bill after witnessing widespread protests over rise in cases of black magic and sorcery


Kerala’s Home mister Ramesh Chennithla has reportedly asked his secretary to draw legislation on the subject on the lines of Maharashtra’s Anti-Superstition Bill.

Officials say that Kerala has witness rise in cases of black magic and exorcism in recent months and most women are falling prey to such malpractices.

Recently, two girls had fallen prey to such practices and resulted in their deaths as they could not bear the physical and mental torture inflicted on them to get rid of black magic.

Kerala has been witnessing cases of black magic to find hidden treasures, resolve family disputes and for child birth.

The black magic practices are rampant in the state irrespective of caste or religion.

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