ISIS chief Al-Baghdadi injured, close aide killed in airstrike in Iraq

North Gazette News/New Delhi
ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham) chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi was reportedly injured while his close aid was killed in US led coalition air strike.

However, there were speculations that ISIS chief Al-Baghdadi had been killed in the air strike on ISIS convoy of vehicles

on Friday night.

US coalition led fighter planes had attacked ISIS convoy near Mosul city in the northern Iraq and a house in Qaim near Anbar province. At least 10 vehicles of ISIS convoy had reportedly been destroyed in the attack.

As per reports, British Defence Staff Nicholas Houghton claimed that ISIS chief Al-Baghdadi might have been killed in the air strike. Houghton, meanwhile, said that he cannot confirm Al-Baghdadi’s death as it would take several days to confirm the casualties.

Iraqi Defence ministry had also confirmed that ISIS chief Al-Baghdadi had been injured in the attack. Iraqi official, however, claimed that Al-Baghdadi’s close aid and companion Auf Abdulrahman Elefery alias Abu Suja had been killed in the attack.

Reports say that the Twitter handle, reportedly run by ISIS spokesperson Mohammed Al-Adnani had also confirmed that Al-Bagdadi had been injured.

ISIS spokesperson’s Twitter account said that ISIS chief Baghdadi was injured in an air strike and wished the outfit chief speedy recovery.


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