Hyundai India to stop production of Santro

North Gazette News/New Delhi
One of the leading car manufacturing company in India, Hyundai India has decided to stop the manufacturing of its most old and popular car Santro.

Sources say the company will stop production of this car by the end of November 2014. The Santro was the first car of this company that entered the Indian market in 1997

and became most popular within no time.

Since it was first introduced in 1997 the car has gone through very little cosmetic changes and retained almost the same shape. There were many different variants of this car engine including Santro Xing and were competing with competing with other cars from other companies like Maruti , Chevrolet and others. Santro was famous for ample head space for all passengers and was considered value for money. It was known for the power performance from the engine and enjoyable ride.
It is a very peppy little car with the demand for power always on call. The steering could have been improved since it still feels a little light, and you need to really move it to the direction you choose. The suspension setup could have also been tweaked, but it is still delivers quite a good overall ride quality. The Santro was equipped with features like power steering, power windows, air-conditioning, and an audio system, only available on the higher variants.
While the other companies have stop manufacturing the its contemporary models much ago, but Hyundai India was continuing with this.