HRTC to start taxi service within a month in Shimla

North Gazette News/Shimla
Himachal Road Transport Corporation (HRTC) would start taxi service again in Shimla within a month. Though, passengers would now have to pay more as HRTC had doubled the taxi fare to Rs 20 from earlier fare of Rs 10.

Announcing this, Transport minister G S Bali on Wednesday said that the taxi service was started

with the aim to felicitate senior citizens in which it failed. Hence, the department had now decided to raise the fare to discourage general public from boarding in these taxis.

He said the taxi fare would now be Rs 20 but the fare for senior citizens would remain at Rs 10. “To avail this facility, senior citizens would have to obtain a pass for Rs 300 with which they can travel in the taxi 30 times,” Bali said.

Transport minister said that HRTC was not in a position to reduce the bus fares even after decrease in the price of diesel as it was already running in losses.