HPU VC ADN Bajpai gets second term

North Gazette News/Shimla
Himachal Pradesh University Vice Chancellor ADN Bajpai was on Saturday granted second term by Governor Urmila Singh.

Singh, who is also Chancellor of Himachal Pradesh University, today re-appointed Bajpai for a second term that ended uncertainty over his future


Bajpai was earlier given six months extension after his term expired in May 25 this year and his term was due to expire on November 24, 2014.

Bajpai would now hold the charge of HPU VC till May,2017.

HPU VC Bajpai was appointed by the previous BJP regime on May 25,2011 and he was given six months extension but he was granted second term.

ADN Bajpai has now become the second VC after K C Malhotra to get term in the 44 years history on Himachal Pradesh University.

Meanwhile, students unions of SFI and ABVP, who had launched agitation against fee hike and scrapping SCA polls, condemned the decision of the Governor to give second term to Bajpai.