Egypt jails 78 toddlers, teenagers for protesting against Sisi regime

North Gazette News/New Delhi
78 minors boys aging between two to seventeen years have been jailed by an Egytian court for taking part in Muslim Brotherhood protests for the return of former president, Mohammed Mursi, who ousted by army in 2013.

As per reports, an Egytian Court in Alexandria city on Wednesday sentenced 78 minor boys which include children between two to five years of age, for upto five years prison term.

The Egytian Court had sentenced these boys for protesting with the Muslim Brotherhood against the Abdel Fattah el-Sisi regime.

The only fault of most of the teenagers was that they were at wrong place at wrong, the boys’ Defence lawyer said, adding that these boys were not the part of Muslim Brotherhood protests.

Egytian authorities had started crackdown against Muslim Brotherhood activists since Morsi was removed by the army.

At least 1,400 hundred activists of Muslim Brotherhood had died in the government’s offensive and around 15,000 people had jailed by the authorities so far.

Out of these convictions, 528 supporters of Morsi had been sentenced to death at mass trial in March 2014 by the Egytian government.

Even, the United Nations had expressed its displeasure over the rise in convictions in Egypt and had termed them as unprecedented.

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