Centre approves Rs 10,000 crore credit limit for Punjab

North Gazette News/Chandigarh
Centre government on Saturday approved Rs 10,000 crore credit limit for Punjab government for paddy procurement. This was disclosed by Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal here today.

Badal said that Union Finance minister Arun Jaitley has acceded to state government’s request

.”Jaitley today sanctioned credit limit of Rs 10000 crore for the paddy procurement to Punjab government,” the Chief Minister said.

Badal said that he had personally called on Jaitley last week at Delhi and urged him to hike credit limit to complete ongoing paddy procurement on time.

“Jaitley was requested to sanction this credit limit at the earliest so as to accomplish the gigantic task of paddy procurement in time,” Badal said.

He added that the decision would hasten up the procurement of paddy besides ensuring prompt payment to the farmers.