Retired Supreme Court judge accused of sexual harassment

New Delhi/November 12
At a time when entire country was seething with anger over the brutal Delhi gangrape in December last year, a retired judge of Supreme Court of India had allegedly sexually harassed a young lawyer who was interning with him.
As per the blog post of lawyer that was published on November 6, she alleged that she was shocked to face harassment from the hands of a person who was of the age of her grandfather.
She alleged that after a long day at work, she had gone meet the judge at a hotel where she was subjected to sexual harassment but she didn’t complain to anyone out of the fear of his position and out of shock that a Supreme Court can harass someone.
She further claimed that at least three more young lawyers were harassed by the same judge and she had now decided to write about the incident to ensure that no other girl goes through the same harassment, of memories of which she is still not able to forget.


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