Journey of a wrestler from Cop to Druglord

Patiala/November 13
Jagdish Bhola, the alleged kingpin and mastermind of a massive synthetic drug racket and arrested by the Punjab Police on November 11 from near New Delhi, is not only the story of a wrestler falling into wrong line business but the case also shows the journey of this decorated wrestler-turned police officer-turned drug lord.

Jagdish Bhola, also known as ‘Kingkong’ in the wrestling world, had started his career as an wrestler who later acted in a Punjabi movie named ‘Rustam-i-Hind’ that was made on his life and it was produced by Babby Benipal.

Police officials says that Jagdish Bhola learnt the trade of manufacturing synthetic drugs like ICE (M-amphetamine) from precursor chemicals like ephedrine, pseudoephedrine etc from the Chinese and Vietnamis nationals and had gradually mastered it. He had started doing this manufacture in his own house located at 984, Phase-10, Mohali.

“Since very high temperatures of over 200 degree Celsius are reached in the manufacturing of ICE, there was a blast in his house while polishing the manufacturing process,” said the police officials, adding that Bhola has revealed to them that he had used African nationals namely Robert, Joe and David as couriers for taking consignments of the synthetic drug contrabands from Chandigarh to New Delhi.

It has also come to light that during his time on the run after absconding from the Punjab Police, Jagdish Bhola had stayed in Panjim for some time. He wanted to invest his drug money in the hotel business in Goa and is reported to have shown interest in purchasing a hotel for Rs 16 crores on the Bagha beach in Goa.

Police officials added they have received several operational leads concerning the drug racket and several missing links in past seizures from Bhola, besides throwing an interesting light on the activities The operational leads are being developed further in the investigation to completely uncover the drug network and will be shared on completion of the investigation.

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