India home to sixth largest group of super rich people in the world

New Delhi/November 7
Though the country ranks poorly in terms of poverty index in the world but still India is home to six largest group of super rich people in the world, beating countries like France, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland and Hong Kong, the Wealth-X and UBS billionaire census report 2013 reveals.
As per the report, United States tops list with 515 billionaires, China ranks second with 157 billionaires while Germany, United Kingdom and Russia ranks third, fourth and fifth in the super rich population list respectively.
India has 103 billionaires in the country and ranks sixth in the list with financial capital of the country having 30 billionaires, ranking fifth in top billionaires cities across the world. However, the billionaires’ population has declined by 5.5 percent as compared with 2012 census and total billionaires wealth has also fallen by 10 billion dollars to 180 billion dollars in 2013.
The industrial conglomerates and pharmaceuticals ranks first and second in the list of Indian billionaires, the report further reveals.