Yetis did existed on Himalayas, claims British geneticist

New Delhi/October 17
A British geneticist claimed to have solved the greatest mysteries of Himalayas about the Yeti, considered as an abominable snowman and said that the Yetis existed but actually, it may be a cross between an ancient polar bear and brown bear.
Sykes, a Genetics Professor at the Oxford University, conducted genetic tests on two ancient hair samples that are believed to be of Yeti and these samples were collected by which locals of Ladakh region of India and the other from Bhutan’s high Himalayan villages.
Dr Sykes conducted research on the samples and compared the DNA tests results with other animals’ genomes that are stored on the GenBank database.
Sykes was amazed when he found out the DNA sample matched 100 percent with a sample from an ancient polar bear jawbone that was found in Svalbard in Norway and the dates back to at least 40,000 years or around 120,000 years.
After getting this completely exciting and unexpected result, Sykes believes that the Yeti’s might be a hybrid between polar bears and brown bears which mean that there is a sub species of brown bear in the high Himalayas which had descended from the bear that was the ancestor of the polar bear. Or it could mean there has been more recent hybridisation between the brown bear and the descendent of the ancient polar bear.
The global interest in solving the mystery of Yeti had sparked in 1951 after British climber Eric Shipton found a Yeti footprint on the base of Mount Everest after which bone chilling stories of the horrifying Yeti in the Himalayas for centuries started pouring in with local people and some of the world’s greatest mountaineers including legendary mountaineer Reinhold Messner, who became the first man to climb Everest without oxygen, claimed have seen a terrifying large hairy, ape-like creature.
In addition, the Himalayan folk lore is rife with tales of an elusive beast but it has never been photographed by anyone.

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