Woman killed, man loses legs while having sex on train tracks in Ukraine

New Delhi/October 1
Having sex on train tracks after a night out party with friends cost dearly to couple after they were hit by a train in which the woman was killed on the spot while her partner lost both legs in of Zaporizhia region of Ukraine.
As per reports, the couple were returning home after a party in an inebriated condition when they felt the uncontrollable lust. The woman, reported to be in her 30s, and her 41-year-old partner decided to go for thrill sex on the train tracks but were hit by a train as they couldn’t get off the train tracks on time as they were too busy in their act.
The man, who has not been identified as yet, is recuperating in hospital while the woman was declared brought dead.
Adding to the misery of already grief stricken man, the police authorities are now planning to book him on charges of trespassing.