Badal criticises Centre govt for meagre hike of Rs 50 on wheat MSP

Chandigarh/New Delhi/October 17
Punjab’s Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal on Thursday criticized Indian government for announcing meagre hike of Rs 50 in the MSP (Minimum Support Price) price of wheat and termed the hike as cruelest joke of the decade on farming community.
Badal said that the hike in the MSP of wheat crop for ongoing Rabi Season (2013-14) is woefully inadequate and unjustified and urged the Indian government to fix the MSP of wheat at Rs 1855 per quintal in accordance with the prevalent cost of the inputs in market.
“The decision was further proof of a cruel bias against the farmers in the minds of the policy makers,” Badal said, adding that the Congress led UPA government will be remembered as the worst ever government in the history of country as far as farming community is concerned.
Badal added that the latest decision defies all logic and economic common sense especially in the light of the inflammability of inflationary trend in the country.
Earlier in the day, Indian government announced the Minimum Support Prices (MSPs) for Rabi crops for 2013-14 season, that will be marketed in 2014-15 and announced MSP of wheat crop at Rs 1400 per quintal, a hike of Rs 50 per quintal as compared to Rs 1350 in 2012-13.
Meanwhile, centre government has also hiked the MSPs of other Rabi crops and the new MSP for barley has been fixed at Rs 1100 per quintal, with a hike of Rs 120 per quintal, gram and masur (lentil) at Rs 3100 and Rs 2950 respectively, with an hike of Rs 100 per quintal and Rs 50 per quintal.
While the MSP of rapeseed/mustard has been increased to Rs 3050 with a hike of Rs 50 per quintal and the MSP of safflower has been raised by Rs 200 per quintal to Rs 3000 per quintal.