Punjab to streamline fertilizers’ distribution system

Chandigarh/August 20
Punjab government on Tuesday introduced a scheme to streamline the distribution of chemical fertilizers aiming at ensuring the availability of fertilizer to farmers at affordable prices in the state.
An Agriculture Department spokesperson said that the main objective of the scheme is to provide fertilizer easily available during peak demand period throughout the state.
“The phosphoric and potassic fertilizers have been decontrolled and there was no restriction on movement and sale of these fertilizers by manufacturers/importers to make sure that adequate quantity of decontrolled fertilizers was made available,” said the spokesperson.
The spokesman said that besides this, Punjab was away from the manufacturing units/ports and it took long time to reach the state. Most of the quantity of fertilizer was needed within a short period; therefore, there was a need for pre-positioning of fertilizers to different parts in the State.
“An outlay of Rs 25.00 crore has been provided in 12th Five Year Plan and Rs 5.00 crore will be spent during the year 2013-14 to provide fertilizers to farmers,” he added.