Pakistan admits underworld don Dawood Ibrahim presence, claims he had left country

New Delhi/August 9
Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s special envoy Shahryar Khan on Friday claimed that underworld don and India’s most wanted terrorist Dawood Ibrahim has been chased out Pakistan while admitting his presence in the country for the first time.
As per reports, Shahryar Khan while admitting Dawood’s presence in country said that he has been chased out of country and now he might be in United Arab Emirates.
Khan said that Dawood was in Pakistan but he has been chased out the country as Nawaz Sharif government won’t allow any gangster to operate in the country that affect Pakistan or India or Afghanistan or any other country.
Khan said that the underworld don would have been arrested by now if he had been in the country as the new government wouldn’t allow any such criminals to flourish in the country.
Dawood is wanted by Indian agencies for his role in 1993 blasts and other criminal cases in the country and security agencies has mentioned his the dossier submitted to Pakistani authorities but Pakistan used to deny his presence in the country.