Now, a film on Modi’s life, Paresh Rawal likely to play lead role

Ahmedabad/August 25
Come 2014 and you will get to watch a film on the life and political career of Gujarat’s Chief Minister Narendra Modi and renowned Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal who played the role of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel in ‘Sardar’ movie, is likely to play lead role in the film.
As per reports, the film on the life and political career of Modi is being made by NRI Mitesh Kumar Patel and this Rs 50-crore movie is likely to hit theatres in 2014. Patel said that the film is a biopic on Modi’s life that tracks Modi’s life from the time he used to serve tea at bus stops in Gujarat and Rawal is still being considered to portray Gujarat CM’s character.
Meanwhile, Paresh Rawal said that Sardar Patel and Modi have many similarities that is Rashtra Prem and both share many qualities.
“Both of them are straightforward, blunt in nature and visionaries. They are sons of their soil, robust yet simple and they never pocketed money,” said Rawal.
Rawal believes that essaying Modi’s character will be a turning point for him as an actor, like it would be for the country if Modi leads it.

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