Narendra Modi’s critics launch websites to expose his apparent lies

New Delhi/August 23
As the support for Gujarat’s Chief Minister keep on growing on social media, Narendra Modi’s haters and critics has taken to social media to expose his lies by launching online web portals.
Online websites as Feku Express, has been launched by his critics as Shabnam Hashmi, Dolphy D’souza of the Bombay Catholic Sabha, Abraham Mathai of Indian Christian Voice and writer Ram Puniyani to counter his online prominence.
These websites claims to expose the truths and the myths of the BJP’s poll campaign committee head. However, Modi’s fans claims that these moves confirm BJP’s lead campaigner’s rise in popularity who is likely to be announced as prime ministerial candidates in the upcoming general elections.
Earlier, the Fekuepress website, that is purportedly supported by Congress, had promised its visitors tickets of Shahrukh Khan starrer movie Chennai Express’s tickets if they could correctly guess which lies Modi will repeat when he will addresses a public gathering.