Doctors struggling to unravel mystery behind baby catching fire

New Delhi/August 13
With a baby catching fire four times since his birth 50 days ago, doctors at Kipauk Medical College and Hospital, Chennai are struggling to unravel the mystery behind this unusual phenomenon.
The preliminary tests conducted by doctors didn’t reveal any reasons behind spontaneous combustion due to which Rahul catches fire spontaneously. His parents claimed that Rahul has caught fire four times since his birth but doctors at Kipauk Medical College and Hospital, Chennai couldn’t find any reasonable medical evidence to prove any such spontaneous occurrences.
Some doctors, however, claims that such spontaneous burns on Rahul’s body might be possible while others are negating any such claims.
Meanwhile, the residents of Rahul’s native T Parangana village think that he is possessed by evil spirits that are causing such occurrences. They told his parents to leave the village when the boy caught fire on July 30 and stay in a temple till Rahul is cured. His parents P Karna and Rajeshwari took him to nearby temple on August 5 where they were staying till district administration decided to move them into the hospital for better treatment.
His grandfather, V Perumal said that his son told him that the boy caught fire while they were staying with Rajeshwari’s parents after which they used to watch over the boy. “However, on one night Rahul’s bed sheets caught fire in the night that engulfed his head and neck and they have to douse the flames with water,” Perumal said while asserting that he believes that his son couldn’t do such a thing with his grandson.
Police official of Villupuram district said that they hadn’t received any complaint regarding child abuse from district administration so far to investigate any claims of child probe.


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