Taliban justifies its attack on Malala, asks her to return to Pakistan

New Delhi/July 18
Facing global criticism for attacking schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai, Pakistan Taliban has written an open letter justifies its fatal attack on her and other schoolgirls while urging her return to Pakistan and study in Madrassa.
As per reports, the letter written by senior Pakistan Taliban leader Adnan Rashid, convicted for assignation bid of former Pakistan’s president Pervez Musharraf, states that Malala was attacked by militants for leading maligning campaign against them and not for her efforts to promote education.
In the letter, Rashid further urged Malala to return to Pakistan and study in a Madarassa for girls and promote the cause of Islam.
Malala and her classmates were attacked by terrorists while she was returning home in a school in which had suffered bullet wounds in head but she had survived after undergoing treatment at a hospital in Britain. She along with her family had taken asylum in Britain and is studying in the country.
On July 16, UN had organised a function to celebrate Malala’s birthday where she had urged the world leaders to provide free education to all the children and she was given standing ovation for her defiant speech.