All types of cancer killing drug to go on human trial from next year

New Delhi/July 13
A new drug that reportedly kills all types of cancer cells is all set to go on clinical human trial from next year in US.
As per reports, the wonder drug developed by Dr Irv Weissman of US’ Stanford University can break down cancer’s defence mechanisms in the human body.
As per the study of Stanford University, CD47, a protein, tells the body mechanism not to destroy cancer cells but the antibody developed by Weissman blocks it and tells macrophages, immune cells in human body, to identify these killer cells. The macrophages that effectively act as intelligence gatherers, then tells cancer fighting T cells to hunt down and kill cancer cells.
Researchers at the US varsity are now planning to start clinical human trials of this drug from 2014 on a group of 10 to 100 persons in its first phase.