HP government to formulate policy for herb’s extraction

Shimla/March 22
Himachal Pradesh government is mulling to formulate policy for extraction of rare medicinal herbs produced in the state to fix their rates and issue export permits.
Himachal’s Forest Minister Thakur Singh Bharmauri said that a committee headed by Principal Secretary (Forests) is probing the issue of species of herbs and their extraction in the state. The committee will address the issue of fixation of rates for these herbs and issuing export permits for herbs.
Bharmauri was replying to a question of Maheshwar Singh (Himachal Lokhit Party leader) on seizure of huge quantity of rare medicinal herb ‘Nag Chhatri’.
Bharmauri said that the government doesn’t charge royalty on Nag Chattri herb and only export permit fee of Rs 25 is charged by the forest department as locals have customary rights in the state’s forests as per settlement.
Bharmauri stated that the forest department and police seized 15.95 quintals and 59.115 quintals of Nag Chattri during last three years and the total quantity of the herb seized was 81.17 quintals. Out of this, 13.33 quintals of the herb was auctioned, 3.34 quintals was stolen and 3.205 quintals was released after charging compensation.