Five members of a family commit suicide to meet God in Rajasthan

New Delhi/March 29
Five members of family committed suicide to meet God in Ganganagar in Rajasthan after their bid to have a vision of Lord Shiva by offering their blood to the deity, failed.
Kanchan Singh (45), a photographer by profession, had organized a religious ceremony to please Lord Shiva along with his family members and made a video of entire episode.
Police said that the family was extremely religious and used to watch religious TV shows and were influenced by a serial of Lord Shiva.
The family, after failing to have a vision of God in the course of religious in which they offered their blood to Lord Shiva, later consumed sweets laced with poison to meet God.
Kanchan Singh, his wife Neelam (40), daughter Rini (16), son Pradyuman (11) and his younger brother, Deep Singh (40), an engineer by profession died in the incident.
Meanwhile, three members of family have survived after Kanchan’s niece Rashmi noticed her family members dying and informed her neighbours who took them to Sawai Mansingh Singh Hospital where they are undergoing treatment, said police.

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