Punjab government to provide job to one member of Ranjit Sagar dam oustee's family

Chandigarh/February 23
Punjab government will provide job to one member of each dam oustee family of Punjab and J&K of the Ranjit Sagar Dam Project under Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) Policy, 1993.
An official spokesperson said that the cut-off date for ascertaining eligibility being Jamabandi as is May 1, 1986. “As per our records, the identified families, eligible under the R&R Policy, have either been provided employment or have now been issued the offer of appointment,” the official spokesperson said.
The spokesperson further stated that all persons, who want to claim job and fall under the category, are advised to contact office of Director Plant Design RSD, Shahpurkandi Township along with along with valid documents of Jamabandi, Dam Oustee Certificate and details of their property’s acquisition for the project in support of their claim. “The claimants are advised to visit the Director’s office on any working day within 30 days and after this, no claim for employment will be entertained and their claim will be deemed expired,” added the official.

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