Tamilnadu CM justifies the governments decision to ban Kamal Hasan’s movie

Chennai/January 31

Tamilandu Chief Minister Jayalalitha, in press conference today, justified her government’s decision to ban Kamal Hasan’s movie, terming the decision as necessary to maintain law and order in the state.

Speaking to media persons in Chennai, Jayalalitha said, “Some Muslim organizations had objections to the some scenes of Kamal Hasan’s movie ‘Vishwarupam’ and they had expressed their displeasure over it to government. So as Chief Minister, I felt it my first priority to ban the movie to main law and order in the state.”

She further said that there was not enough manpower to provide security to all 500 theatres if protests against the movie had started. “Kamal Hasan had shown the movie to Muslim leaders before its release and they had expressed displeasure over it. They had told the government that they would organize protests against the movie across the state. Even Kamal Hasan wasn’t ready to cut some objectionable scenes from the movie,” she said, adding that if Hasan had agreed to the demands of Muslim organizations, the situation wouldn’t have arisen.

Earlier Kamal Hasan had expressed his desire to leave the country if he fails to gets justice on his movie. The move to ban the movie was criticized by Censor board, Bollywood actors and directors and politicians from Congress and BJP.