Police recovers a hidden wireless transmitter set in Kinnaur near Indo- China Border

Shimla/ December 8

The Himachal Police has recovered a hidden wireless transmitter set in Himachal Pradesh’s remote Kinnaur district, which shares boundary with China.

“A transmitter set, of very high frequency, which is in working condition, has been recovered from forests in Titlidhar area of Moorang  three days ago. We are investigating the case,” Kinnaur police chief Veena Bharti said.

She said the antenna along with transmitter set,was hinged with a tree. The incident was reported by the forest official and we are investigating the matter.

She said the antenna of the set, whose solar charger has some Chinese inscriptions, was hinged with a tree.

“We are investigating the origin of the set. We had informed the locals but no one has owned responsibility. There is also a possibility that some tourists who hold the camp might have used the transmitter for communicating the messages among them. They might have forgotten to take the transmitter along with them after the camp was finished, but we are investigating the matter from all angles, she added.

Sources said that the transmitter set has a capacity of transmitting messages over several kilometers and can be charged with solar light.

Police officials said the area from where the set was seized was within 10-15 km aerial distance from the China border.

“The set was recovered just 1 km ahead of the Indian Army check post at Akpa,” a police official said, who didn’t wish to be identified.

With Himachal sharing a boundary with China on the Tibet side in Kinnaur and Lahaul-Spiti, the chances of people acting as spies for China could not be ruled out.

A close surveillance is being maintained by the police and intelligence agencies on the suspected elements in this area.