US, Taliban leaders agree to hold peace talks


New Delhi/June 18
In significant development over the future of Afghanistan, US and Taliban leaders have agreed to open direct talks as Washington has reportedly agreed to drop some preconditions for negotiations.
Earlier, Taliban has decided to open its office in Doha, capital of Qatar and has even issued a statement, saying that its open talks with other world countries and they want good relations with other countries.
A Taliban spokesperson in a statement issued today said that they wanted to create an Independent Islamic system in the country and the Islamic Emirate didn’t pose any threat to other countries from its soil neither it will allow anyone to cause security threat to other countries of the world from its soil. The spokesperson further said that Taliban wanted good relations with its neighbouring countries and other countries of the world on the basis of mutual respect and they desires security and justice at the world level.
Taliban wants to free Afghanistan from colonialism and obtain their rights. Further, they want to establish good relations with all the countries of the world, United Nations and also with international, regional and NGOs and for this purpose, they are opening office at Doha in Qatar.
Meanwhile, US administration has agreed to hold peace talks with Taliban as they have agreed to not to allow the use of Afghan soil to pose any security threat to other countries.
As per reports, US has agreed to consider the precondition of rejection of al-Qaida by the Taliban leadership as a negotiating aim and the authorities will now seek a commitment from Taliban to end insurgency in Afghanistan and recognise women’s rights in the country.

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