Spinning Egyptian statue spooks Manchester museum curators

London/June 23
Curators at Manchester museum were left spooked after a 4,000-year-old Egyptian statue started spinning 180 degrees on its own from the last few weeks.
The 10 inch tall Egyptian tomb of a man named Neb-Senu was found slowly rotating during daytime by the museum curators after they monitored the video footage.
After viewing the video feed, the curators found that the 1800 BC era statue rotates around during daytime while stays still during night.
As per reports, Oxford Road museum curator Campbell Price believes that it may be spiritual thing as in Ancient Egypt, it was believed that if the mummy is destroyed then its statuette can act as an alternative vessel for the spirit. “And this maybe causing the statue to rotate,” Price said.
Meanwhile, experts believes that the differential friction on the serpentine stone of the statuette and glass shelf might be causing a subtle vibration resulting in its rotating movements.
It was widely believed that scientists who explored the Egyptian tombs in the 1920s were struck by a curse of the Pharaohs.