SAD seeks probe into Shashi Kant’s confession of having tampered with records

Punjab News

Chandigarh/April 24
Shiromani Akali Dal General Secretary Mahesh Inder Singh Grewal on Thursday urged the Punjab government to order a high level inquiry into the confessions made by former Punjab DGP Shashi Kant that he tampered with official records and files pertaining to cases of huge recoveries of drugs.
“The entire record of the conduct of this officer, including reports of Shashi Kant possessing assets far out of proportion to his known sources of income, now needs to be probed in the light of this sensational confession,” Grewal said.
Grewal also challenged Shashi Kant to an open public debate on the handling of war on drugs in the state. “This is a most damning confession ever made by an officer of his rank and seniority. It virtually amounts to pleading guilty but seeking immunity in the name of mitigating circumstances. He has admitted that he committed a grave crime but maintained, as an excuse, that he did so under political pressure. No professionally competent and honest officer would ever do such a thing under any pressure. It looks like an open-and-shut case of an officer trapped in his own misdeeds and now trying to wriggle out by putting the blame on his seniors and bosses. This does not wash in the eyes of law or morality,” said Grewal.
“A senior former officer has gone on record admitting that he deliberately mishandled a critical case, destroyed evidence and tampered with official records, including police files. These are grave offences, no matter what provocation. No self-respecting officer in his senses would ever stoop to such things. But since Shashi Kant confesses to this crime, it needs to be followed up. The possibility of his throwing big political names merely as a means to camouflage the truth and to provide him the protective layer of “benefit of doubt” needs to be seriously and thoroughly probed,” Grewal added.
He added that the inquiry should be ordered immediately after the electoral process in the state is completed. ”There are strong indications that Shashi Kant knows that he is in trouble over his questionable conduct as an officer, and is therefore preparing alibis by dragging in the names of others, including senior police officers and politicians. As a seasoned police officer, he must know which direction the needle of suspicion points, and he could be trying to change that direction by creating a political confusion around the case,” he said.
He added that there is need to probe if the entire hue and cry being raised by Shashi Kant was a calculated move to mislead and misdirect the course of investigations in drug smuggling cases and weaken the ongoing war on drugs which has reached a very crucial stage.

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