Nelson Mandela admitted in hospital for treatment of lung infection

New Delhi/June 8
Former South African President Nelson Mandela was on Friday admitted to a hospital in Pretoria for the treatment of lung infection.
94-year-old Mandela was rushed to hospital from Johannesburg residence for treatment of lung infection that he has contracted while working in jail quarry during his 32 years jail term.
As per reports, a residential spokesman said that Mandela’s condition is serious but stable as he is able to breathe on his own which is being described by the doctors as a positive sign.
Mandela had joined African National Congress and he led the movement for ending racial discrimination and democracy in South Africa. He charged with high treason in 1956 but the charges against him were dropped. He was later and was sentenced to life.
During his jail term from 1964 till his release from prison in 1990, he contracted the disease and 1980s, he had contracted tuberculosis. His present illness has been described as recurrence of lung infection and he was not keeping well from some days but his condition deteriorated on Friday night.
Mandela was the first elected black President of South Africa and he was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1993. He had retired as leader in 1999 while he had retired from public life in 2004.