NDA will win over 300 seats in LS polls: Badal

Punjab News

Chandigarh/April 7
Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal on Monday said that the NDA was now targeting between 300 and 325 seats in the country to ensure five-year of stable economy and administration in the country.
“Most independent surveys have already confirmed that it is a no-contest election, as the Congress party seems to be hovering between 75 to 100 seats and the third front anywhere between 35 to 50 seats. That still leaves about 400 seats where the NDA is ahead of others and poised to win. Its is the kind of wave that we saw immediately after Indira Gandhi lifted the internal Emergency in 1977,” Badal said.
The Chief Minister said the people of the country were just waiting to push the button to show the door to the ‘confused and corrupt Congress regime’. “I am sorry to say but the Congress party today is completely leaderless, and there is complete disarray there, with ministers like Mr Jai Ram Ramesh already admitting that the Congress had lost this battle.”
Badal said that the Congress lost this election the moment they first projected Mr. Rahul Gandhi as their leader but later chickened out by refusing to name him as their Prime Ministerial candidate. Whatever they might say now, “but the fact is that even the Congress party knows that Rahul is no match for Modi and the Congress is not willing to trust any other of their leaders to lead the show.”
Badal said that the lack of courage to project Rahul as PM candidate was itself an admission of defeat and the people were now merely confirming that. “People have expressed themselves strongly on what they think of Rahul Gandhi in this contest against Narendra Modi. “It is a walk over. Nowhere do we see anyone favouring Rahul Gandhi over Mr. Modi. Even the Congress knows it in the hearts of its hearts and now trying to shield him. But it’s already too late. The damage to the Congress has been done.”
Badal said that the Congress knew that it was losing all thirteen seats in Punjab even after committing the political blunder of pushing all its star campaigners into the electoral fray. “That by itself was an admission that the people of the state did not favour the Congress party. But they wanted to create an air of competition bringing their big leaders into the fight. In Punjab, said the Chief Minister, each one of the Congress leaders was fighting as much to reduce their own margins of defeat as to ensure that their other candidates lost heavily against SAD-BJP combine. Its game of the least loser claiming Congress leadership after the Lok Sabha poll. Bajwa wants Amarinder defeated, Amarinder wants everyone else including Bajwa and Jakhar defeated, and Jakhar is simply absent from the campaign,” Badal added
Badal said that these leaders had already done serious and irreparable damage to themselves and to their party by openly admitting that they never wanted to contest and had been forced to fight these elections under coercion from Sonia Gandhi. “ How can you win a war with soldiers unwilling to fight because they believe that the battle had already been lost,” he added.

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