Murderers of Sunpreet confess their involvement in one more murder during police remand

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They Used A Special Double Edged Dagger For Murder

North Gazette News/ Chandigarh/ Nawanshah

Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar Police today got a major breakthrough in another accident case that was actually a murder by the same gang,which have murdered former Scribe Sunpreet Singh Mangat. Divulging details, SSP Alka Meena said that on the night of March 21, a dead body identified as Jasvir Singh of Siana Village ( Balachaur) was found on Rahon-Jadla Roadside. He was a preacher and after performing his duty of Akahnd Path at Villgae Sultanpur near Rahon, was on the way back to his village.

She said during the police remand of murder accused of Sunpreet, they revealed that they had also murdered a man on the night of March 21, when he confronted them to give cash and other valubales. They murdered him on the spot and did not take away his scooty or mobile besides cash. They used a dagger during both murders and the wounds seemed as that of accident like. SSP further said that in both the cases, first impression was of accident but after getting the postmortem reports, the wounds were like stabbing . The mystery behind the two under cases was cleared with the recovery of the dagger from the Jagdeep Singh alias Babbu Bajwa.

She said that the first murder (of Jasvir Singh) was done by Jagdeep Singh @Babbu Bajwa and Harsh with the help of their two minor accomplices.
On the confession of both accused, when the medical report of Jasvir Singh procured from health department yesterday, it was also mention of six stabs ( three on chest, two on head and one on hand) like of Sunpreet whose body had 14 stabs.

She said that the gang based on teengaers and younsters upto age of 24, was working on a modus operandi of not taking other items other than cash or valuables as revealed by the members. She said that the gang was operative in Ropar and Jalandhar districts besides SBS Nagar. Had the SBS Nagar police not traced the hardcore criminals’ gang in time, it would have been become a major threat for the society as a dreaded gang in future, she added. The both minors were produced in the court of Principal Judge of Juvenile Court and sent to Observation Home by the court, she further said.

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