Kim Jong Un is dead as heart surgery went wrong !


North Gazette News

The international media is abuzz with the rumors of death of supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. However there is no official word from the North Korean media, but Various types of speculations have been doing the rounds. In the recent development and more authentic input about the supreme leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un is that his personal train has been spotted through satellite image near a resort town of Wonsan in North Korea. This resort town is believed to be only used by the North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un and his family. Different news media websites are reporting that Kim Jong Un was suffering from some serious heart disease and was operated for the same a few days back. But the stunt procedure went wrong as the doctor’s hands were shaking with fear.

The dictator, who was nicknamed as Rocket Man by president Donald Trump for his passion for missiles and nuclear arms, underwent heart surgery this month. But this news was kept as a high secret, as it could destabilize the autocrat Kim Jong Un authority in North Korea. The North Korean media for this reason was acting as if there was everything perfectly normal. Sources said that the King, Kim Jong Un is either dead or brain dead and the meetings of Politburo a being done behind closed doors to designate his successor.

The rumors of North Korean tyrant for the first time arose when Kim Jong Un skipped the anniversary of his father and grandfather on April 15. It is a national holiday and also celebrated as North Korea’s Military Foundation Day. This day is celebrated with much fanfare in North Korea. Since then, the news of death of Kim Jong Un is being reported by South Korean media.

But the US authorities and secret agencies have not confirmed the news about the death of North Korean ruler Kim Jong. Even the US president Donald Trump during his media briefing had said that this news was not correct.

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