Human apathy in Uttrakhand: victims paying Rs 250 for one parantha


Dehradun/June 22
Though help and prayers are pouring in from across country for the victims of natural disaster in Uttrakhand, the local traders are charging Rs 250 for one parantha from stranded pilgrims while a small packet of chips is being sold at Rs 100.
Adding to the misery of stranded people, many pilgrims have been robbed by locals including Nepalese national and some miscreants have even tried to sexually assault women tourists who had taken refuge in forests.
As per one tourist Amit, who was waiting at the railway station, said that the local shopkeepers are charging hefty sums for food items. “The local traders are charging Rs 250 for parantha while a water bottle now cost Rs 200,” Amit said.
The stranded pilgrims, who haven’t eaten for days and are left with little money or belonging, are now finding it hard to even buy food or water for themselves.
Though state government is claiming that they have made adequate arrangements to provide them food and water, some people are alleging that there were no arrangements for food and medicines at some camps.
Meanwhile, rescue teams are making efforts to rush food packets amid reports that hundreds of survivors did not get anything to eat for days and some of them have even died due to hunger and illness.

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