Girl sends bomb threat email to CM and police to implicate ex-boyfriend

Jaipur/June 7
Upset over her ex-boyfriend’s marriage with another girl, a 25-year-old girl allegedly sent an e-mail about bomb blast to Rajasthan Chief minister’s office and Jaipur police to implicate him in the case.
As per reports, Ritu Sharma allegedly sent an e-mail after creating a fake email-id to Chief Minister’s office and Jaipur with name and postal address of her ex-boyfriend Amit Jain, threatening a bomb blast in the area on June 13.
“She had mentioned the address of Amit in the e-mail where she reportedly had mentioned that he knows about the plan of the bomb blast and had even mentioned some strategic locations of Jaipur including army cantt area,” said the police adding that after receiving the e-mail, they informed central intelligence agencies about the bomb threat.
Amit Jain was picked by the police for questioning and he told police officials that he didn’t knew anything about the incident but his ex-girlfriend could be behind the incident.
“After this, we tracked the IP address of computer from which the e-mail was sent and tracked the girl, following which she was arrested under IT Act,” said the police.
An MBA graduate, Ritu an affair with Amit Jain but she was upset over his his married to some other girl some time back.