Chandigarh doctors offer help for Himachal patients suffering from infertility


Shimla/June 14
Doctors from Chandigarh on Friday offered a helping hand for patients suffering infertility in Himachal as most of them are unaware of proper guidelines and treatment options.
The director at Jindal IVF and Sant Memorial Nursing Home Dr Umesh Jindal while addressing a press conference here, said that diagnosis may obviously be right there but not the solution and this is precisely the reason why patients from Himachal Pradesh,who come here for treatment of infertility, are always in a dilemma.
Dr Umesh Jindal said that there are 50 new patients coming at their clinic every month from Shimla and Chail area. “Female age is the most important determinant of fertility. The fixed quota of eggs received by all females is almost 90 per cent exhausted by the age of 35 years. Any additional surgery, especially on ovaries, reduces the chance of pregnancy because of decreased quality and quantity of eggs in the ovaries,” she said.
A delay in choosing IVF beyond four to five years of infertility or age 32 or 33 years seriously compromises the result and option left through IVF with ovum donation.
“Most of the patients are unaware of proper guidelines and treatment options. Fighting day and night with these questions in mind, most of the couples get into depression. This is the main reason why we are holding the 10th ART Chapter of region’s doctors in which we will tell them about the latest updates, developments in protocols of medicines, changes in techniques for investigation and treatment of IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization),” Jindal said.
Meanwhile, Dr Jindal said that IVF centers should function under strict guidelines and protocols. “Surrogates, Sperm Donation, Egg Donations and Embryo Donation should all be screened according to medical ethics. For Example like surrogate mothers should have completed their own family and in good health. Further, no unmarried girls should be entertained for egg donation under the guidelines,” she added.
Meanwhile, senior consultant, Dr Anupam said that one patient from Shimla was suffering from recurrent endometriosis (chocolate cysts) and went through multiple surgeries for it, due to which her ovaries were damaged. In this case, because of poor ovaries even IVF was not possible with her own eggs.
“If the IVF intervention was timely, the lady could have enjoyed joys of motherhood,” she said.
Dr. Gurjeet Kaur Consultant, shared details about a case from Solan of severe PCOS (Polycystic Ovaries) with infertility, where multiple ovarian punctures by laparoscopy had caused severe harm to the ovaries.
“Due to this, the patient had lost her good eggs or fertility. Controlled ovarian stimulation of eggs by giving medicines or injections could have helped more here,” she said.

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